About Us

Creelman Lambert Research is a collaboration between researchers with expertise on human capital in the US, Canada and UK. Their work on Board & HR won the Walker Award from HRPS.

David Creelman

David Creelman provides research and advice on human capital management. Work related to governance of HR dates as far back to his pioneering work on What the Fortune 50 tells Wall Street about Human Capital and several related studies.

Creelman is currently on the board of advisors of the Kronos Workforce Institute, is a regular contributor to The Works Institute of Japan, and spoke at the World Bank HQ in Paris on the emergence of standards for reporting on human capital.

Andrew Lambert

Andrew has been a management consultant for 35 years, and also headed corporate functions in two UK banks. As co-founder of the Corporate Research Forum, he has published research and guidance on areas such as the future of HR, people risk, employee engagement, performance management, HR evaluation and measurement, the management of coaching and mentoring, internal communications, employee surveying, the management of global organisations, innovation and creativity, strategic workforce planning, and the role of HR in mergers and acquisitions.


Dr. Laurie Bassi is a close collaborator and has been a major contributor to our work including authorship on The Smarter Annual Report study.

We thank Halogen Software and Kenexa/IBM for financial support of our research.

We thank Dave Ulrich and the RBL Group for their advice, encouragement and assistance.