The Research

The Smarter Annual Report

There is a well-established global movement to improve annual reports so that they go beyond narrow financial reporting. The intent is to better convey how an organization creates value and meets the needs of varied stakeholders.

A core element of this is integrating human capital and financial information in a single report. Our study looks at what organizations are reporting on human capital and provides guidance on how to create a credible and insightful report.

Boards & HR

Organizations are collections of people and how they are managed creates organizational value. We wanted to know: “How do boards keep a close eye on the factors that enhance human capital?” and “What represents good practice in board oversight of HR?”

To answer these and related questions, Creelman Lambert Research interviewed CHROs (or HR directors)–together with a number of other board directors–from 28 organizations hand-picked for their good reputation, mainly large and global, headquartered in the U.S. and U.K.

Our principal finding is that good boards take oversight of human capital increasingly seriously, devoting 25-35% or more of their time to people-related issues.

To get a summary of our reports, simply email and ask for The Board & HR report summary and/or The Smarter Annual Report study.